We take up Consulting Assignments in the field of Trade, Public health, Environment, Renewable Energy and Education;

  • Policy formation for the society at large
  • Evaluation of schemes
  • Map resources to requirement
  • Project and Programme Monitoring
  • Strategize CSR activities
  • Benchmarking the trends and policies
  • Impact studies

Our Capacity buildingactivities can be defined as programmes or projects which provide people with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to help them contribute to their community.We helppeople in communities to develop the skills and knowledge that they need to enable them to work together to bring about the positive change they want to see within their own communitiesand also make them self-sustainable. Our Capacity building activities revolve around promoting community health, Education, Environment, Trade and development by connecting people, ideas and resources.

Centad regularly organizes seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences that are in sync with national and global policy issues. Policy-makers, economists and researchers are provided a platform to interact and advocate socio-economic changes. Centad’s core strength lies in advocacy where it engages with other key partners and other stakeholders with the objective of creating awareness on key policy issues and to facilitate mass mobilization of public opinion and change through signature campaigns, media coverage and press briefings among others.

Outreach activities carried out by us are meant to fill in the gap in the services provided by mainstream services. Our outreach activities encompass broad interactions with the general public as well as specific groups. Our activities usually involve working through existing channels -- schools, clubs, and other organizations -- to reach our desired audience.

We assist and lead information campaigns to make people aware of programmes and policies that affect them. Such campaigns might include: community meetings, door to door visits, meetings with community members and leaders, messaging through flyers, posters or billboards, or arts and cultural events.